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February 11, 2012

It’s a Mother Fucking Spiral

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They say that sadness becomes easier with time, surely you feel sad for a reason and that the sadness doesn’t become easier but just slowly forgotten? Sadness will engulf you in flames and leave you with foundations to re build; it will never take everything but just enough for you to know that it can be done. Sadness causes you to take twice as long at doing everyday things, twice as much thought behind the simplest task. The urgency of anything seems to seep away, put everything on hold because the spiral has begun. From personal experience I found normal uncomplicated routines a challenge such as eating or sleeping, which in turn then made this mother fucking spiral harder to get out of. We all have our own reasons for feeling sad sometimes but we have to learn to live with this as its part of our existence, part of our inner being. Your body goes into slow motion but your brain has never worked so hard, over and over again you think about everything and nothing. When you’re sad even your music taste changes, nothing heavy but something with thought. I normally turn to acoustic melodies with male vocals, Chris Cornell to Jack Johnson. Sadness is good for you, let it engulf you, let it cause you issues with everyday life, let that spiral begin but don’t let it take over. It’s healthy to feel sad; it makes you more appreciative of the things that don’t make you sad. It’s just an emotion just like hate and love, they all have ups and downs but the important thing is you don’t give up. It’s not so much about why you feel sad but how you deal with feeling sad, this is a mother fucking spiral so grip hold and ride it through.



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