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July 30, 2015

The Gentleman Section – Words

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Words. Words are just fucking words that fill the silence unless it’s complemented with actions. Hand in hand like that of your childhood sweetheart, from the early age you need to understand that words can make you, and break you. Your words don’t always work out. People in your life rely on the actions that fulfil that verbal contract. That word, promise, it’s old and overused by too many. Washed, worn, and reused until it’s tainted and tatty. Don’t promise something unless you are committed to fulfilling it.
Be a man of your word, a man of honor and trust. Don’t use your words to get you out of a tight spot, use your words so that you never know where the tight spot may be. When you tell people what you think they want to hear, the only person you’re kidding in the room is yourself. To sell yourself out like that, no one will trust you if you can’t trust yourself to say what you think. As I said, words are just the façade. You have to be able to back it up, live it, believe in it.
Telling the truth may hurt, cause issues, but in the long run after the burn has subsided respect will always shine through. In no way am I saying you should just tell everyone one around you your opinion, that’s a whole different bag of ‘Fuck yous’. People don’t need to be told they’re fat, ugly, or boring . . don’t be rude! When it comes to having your opinion in a discussion that involves you, hold your own, but don’t be disrespectful. We all have different beliefs, visions, and feelings. A gentleman can always agree to disagree and move on.
Don’t raise your voice with stern words, stay calm or you’ll say something you’ll later regret. We’re all guilty of raising our voice when we’re passionate about something, but save it for the good passion, the ones that are followed by a high five or your very own victory dance . . . don’t deny it, we’ve all got one.
Words are just fucking words, or they could be something that people will rely on. It’s your choice.

December 11, 2014

The worth of your wants. .

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We sit, we stare, looking for the answer in whatever stands before us. It’s funny how our minds work when we’re in a place of discomfort, finding only thoughts that make the situation that little bit more uncomfortable. Your mind finds problems quicker than solutions, sitting in a silent environment, but deafened by the hurricane inside. The problem becomes you, becomes your existence, swallowed whole with no time to chew. believe it or not, this is fucking good for you. This breeds health and strength, Giving you that time to battle from your knees, onto the soles of your feet. If you haven’t got to fight for it, feel discomfort from it, work hard for it, then is it actually worth having? Do you actually want it as much as you tell yourself? In most cases the answer is the other side of patience, hard work, belief, and love. Nothing is easy, but it’s all achievable within your own means. What is the worth of your wants? Only you can answer that.
To want something, to fight for it, to hurt from it, to work with it. It’s good to have things you have to work for, because when you have everything you wanted, what have you actually got?

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