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August 19, 2013


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Holding your hand and rational thinking disintegrates, my dreams expand and prevail. No idea is too big, no task too challenging. I hold your hand and I become the keystone to an existence, rather than a moth to a flame, I’m a flame to a fuse. Ignite and lead where others fail to reach, expand, create, a new beginning, but still holding the good things from old. To listen and understand is one thing, but you, you act, you pull the bits together to complete the puzzle. You don’t try to find missing pieces, we just make new ones, to see the bigger picture. You held my hand, pulled me from my knees, to the soles of my shoes. A glass that is half full with determination. You’ve never had the intention of taking over or filling some big shoes, you just want to make sure the laces are tied correctly. This will never be about them, but about us. all other existence blends into the background, the blur of the forgotten reality. I know how you feel, not because of the words you use, but the way you view me. You believe I’m destined for a greater good, where as I’m just trying to get my hands dirty fighting the good fight. For someone to truly believe, all doubt must be stripped from the hearsay, back to the foundations so you can only work upwards together, to believe. I hope our fingerprints can hold the weight of a promise, an idea, fulfil the connection, hold on. To me, slipping isn’t an option, we can’t drift, we can’t float, but we may need to bulldoze to get what we want. Lock and load, this connection like an uncrackable safe, a mini fortress. A delicate entwine that twists and bends to the environment but coated with strength and ability to conquer. ‘Mi Amore’ ready to become the light, the dark, the true, the false. Tomorrow is only a flicker of the eyelid away, hold my hand and lets see this through.

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