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September 23, 2016

The things I would tell a younger me

  • Don’t start smoking . . It may seem like everyone else is doing it but smoking will stay with you longer than most of those people.
  • Be yourself . . I wasn’t happy with who I was until I reached my 30s, it wasn’t too late but I could have been happier earlier.
  • Not everything your parents tell you is true . . They want the best for you but sometimes their opinion can make your playground smaller.
  • Be respectful of others feelings . . Everyone has a personal battle and some of your actions can affect others in ways you couldn’t imagine.
  • Appreciate the people close to you . . One day they won’t be there anymore and the things unsaid will haunt you.
  • If you believe in something, fight for it . . If you let it slip through your fingers then chances are you didn’t care about it that much.
  • ‘There’s always tomorrow’. . In most cases that’s bullshit, you’ll only keep putting it off, get it done!
  • Learn to agree to disagree as early as possible . . Everyone has a different opinion on things, most aren’t worth falling out over.
  • Some days you’ll feel like you’re alone, you’re not. . Talk to someone, open up and trust people. Your pride can take the day off.
  • Stop shaving . . You look much better with a beard. Stop complaining about the itchy stage, man the fuck up.
  • Don’t fear doctors and dentists. . They’re here to help you (and make you skint). Your health should be a main priority.
  • Don’t be negative . . Stay away from negative people and energy, that shit is incredibly  contagious. Don’t be part of the chain!
  • Drugs . . Do what you have to do, just be safe. Don’t be peer pressured into taking anything you’re not sure about. You can easily find yourself in a black hole that will chew you up and spit you out.
  • Learn a new language, or musical instrument . . You will try to learn both later in life and find them both near impossible.
  • Never think any idea is too big. . If you want it, go for it. If you fail then at least you have tried, that’s better than most. Shoot for the stars!
  • Nothing good comes easy. . If you want something to work then you have to be willing to roll your sleeves up and work for it.
  • Balance your work and personal life. . There is a fine line between the two and it can tip either way. Do you work to live? Or live to work?
  • Be polite. . Just because a lot of people around you have no manners, doesn’t mean that you should act the same way. Two wrongs do not make a right.
  • When your Grandma is ill, go see her more often. . Say the things you want to say, hold her hand, tell her you love her. Saying it to a hole in the floor isn’t quite the same.
  • Research tattooists properly. . Have a good look around before you settle on a tattooist or you’ll find out halfway through your second tattoo that the tattooist line work is a little off because he has a glass eye!
  • Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. . Or you’ll find that the people who befriend you or fall in love with you don’t actually know you. Don’t lie to them and don’t lie to yourself.
  • Girls that like bad boys. . Don’t even bother! You might have your father’s mind and mouth but you have your mother’s heart and emotion. You will never fall under the ‘badboy’ category.  
  • Don’t get too involved in others bullshit. . Be supportive but be careful or their bullshit will eventually become your bullshit. You have enough weight on your shoulders, you don’t need theirs as well.
  • And finally. . Believe in yourself. Don’t put yourself down, there’s plenty of other people out there that will do that for you! Be kind to yourself, and for god sake smile more.    

January 12, 2015

Maybe I Was Wrong?

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I have never been a big believer on how a New Year can bring you a better
day, to draw a line in the sand, a fresh start if you must. The
countdown and cheers that come from your current location in a room full of
people with the utmost belief that tomorrow will be different, be
better. You won’t hear me say this often, but, maybe I was wrong?

I’m still sceptical on ‘New year, new you’ but I will say that there are
advantages for the 1st January being your starting point, It’s got to
work better than, say, 1st May, right? One thing I do believe in, your
next trip around the sun won’t be any better than the last if you’re not
willing to do anything about it. For sure, we’re all going to
experience a melancholy month or two, but that’s down to your frame of

As my dad is known to say ‘it’s not about the situation,
it’s how you deal with the situation that counts’. My dad has always
been optimistic, and I am my fathers son. Yeah, I’ve had some shitty
months, we all have, but we’ve all had some fucking amazing months too,
however we as humans are prone to forget them when feeling a little lost. If you’ve
ever met someone that states they’re happy everyday of the year, punch
that smug fucker in the throat before they string you another line,
steal your wallet and try the horizontal dance with your partner.
They’re not just lying to you, but also lying to themselves.

We all know that time is a healer, whether you like, or hate that phrase,
it’s true. It will never look at the problem, wipe its brow, breathe in
through its teeth and silently work out how much it can swindle you for.
It will never give up depending on the magnitude of the problem, time
will always be standing in your corner with your spit bucket and mouth
guard. There will always be tomorrow . . . And if there isn’t, well, you
might have a bigger issue to deal with than a cheating partner, not
having enough money to go to the sugar hut dressed like a cunt, or
finding your job as monotonous as Kim Kardashian.
This year will be amazing! That’s not because it’s another fresh start, or because
your mate believes it will be and so should you, nor even because it
couldn’t get any worse than last year.

It will be amazing because you’re going to get up and do something about it, it’s in your hands to make that statement your reality.

Dreams are meant to be made a size too big, it’s so you can grow into them.

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