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March 29, 2014

Masturbation is a sin . .

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Warning: sometimes I write like an arsehole!!

1. Rose Water

Rose tinted lenses hinder the light from pulling this almighty hangover forward, under this pale young surface resides a lapping wave of nausea, a hangover that was well worth the previous evenings entertainment. As he sat in the back of a taxi, the sun was intermittently shooting rays in his direction, playing peekaboo with the buildings as they passed. He could still smell the rose water of her love, on his clothes, his hands, and his beard. He had never in person witnessed the art of female ejaculation before, now it stained his aura, a good stain that will always hold a memory, the one you don’t wash off. It’s funny how the male mind works. He could remember that she had a cute little mole above her right nipple, and a circular birthmark on her inner thigh. But could he remember her name? ‘It may have begun with a T?’ he thought to himself. Anyway, he wanted to get home so he could have a wank before her scent wore off and his girlfriend got home.

2. Souvenir

Work was always boring on a Tuesday, he sat behind his cubicle desk wondering if anyone would notice if he had a wank. He could easily get up and walk to the office toilet down the corridor, but that meant he had to move. He considered typing Redtube into his computer and ejaculating into a tissue.
The new temp receptionist sat across from him, she hadn’t been with the company long, he watched her as she worked. At a guess she was early twenties, long brunette hair, slim athletic body. Her tits were massive, out of proportion to the rest of her body. He wondered what she would look like naked, he imagined fucking her from behind over the photocopier, as she moaned in pleasure he took photo copies of her tits for a souvenir to hang in his cubicle.
She turned and caught him staring at her, she smiled, he smiled in return and looked away. He found the motivation to move, standing up and checking that the receptionist couldn’t see his lob on through his trousers, he made his way to the office toilet.

3. Cum Judder

Sat at home, he watched another Victoria Secret catwalk he had recorded on a previous night. he wondered if these models actually wore this type of lingerie when at home with their partners. whether their partners would be bored with seeing them in lingerie by now? Something his father once told him had always stuck in his mind, “Behind every good looking girl, there’s a man bored of fucking her”. That was just another one of his fathers quick witted judgements on the world. He tried to picture his girlfriend in sexy lingerie, the style she used to wear when they first met, when she made an effort. He undone his jeans and tried to get an erection whilst thinking of his girlfriend in lingerie, what’s the time frame that’s acceptable to give up thinking of your girlfriend whilst having a wank if it’s just not getting you hard? He reached for his laptop, typed in Redtube. He watched a video of a young lesbian couple, he watched it all the way through while they took turns to top and tail until the cum judder. The judder that a female body does as she cums was what aroused him. As he was just about to cum he realised he hadn’t prepared well, he had nothing to cum into. Grabbing the closest thing to him from the coffee table, just happened to be one of his girlfriends scented candles that she used in the bathroom. After he had ejaculated into the top of the cup shaped candle he laughed to himself wondering if he should leave it and see if she noticed the next time she wanted a relaxing bath.

(To be continued . . .)


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