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December 12, 2013


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It may have been your father who stole the stars for your eyes but it was me that caused you to lose them, the diamond sparkles sunken and lost for now. I’ve become a master illusionist by accident, hiding the good to cause panic and turmoil without reason. The gentle breeze becomes the blizzard, swirling out of control, disobedient emotions crash and burn surroundings to set for a new dawn. Concrete insoles in a vast desert, eyes on the prize in the horizon that could merely be a mirage. Heavy feet mirroring my heart, with each new step the sand of my past swallows up my footprints. No turning back for I would truly get lost. Like an old tape deck, no chance to rewind. My hands are the only shade for my eyes, to remove the sun’s glare and maybe hide the truth. The ache of realisation, to know that things aren’t what they seem, the plan unravelling into nothing right before your eyes. They say ‘its not about the problem, it’s how you deal with it that counts’. To experience, touch, and hold such beauty will make you chase, but a mirage is still a mirage. So breathe, rest those weary bones, but be prepared as we have some walking to do.


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