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February 24, 2013

A tiny preview of what I’m working on . . . . I’m going to enjoy this.

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Still only sitting in his boxers, no further with his magazine, his iphone chirped into life. Vibrating against the wooden coffee table like it was having a noisy fit, thanks to the designers of this phone no one will ever wake in the morning to a missed call ever again.
“Morning” Matt answered the call.
“So . . . . How was last night? Did you take her home? Did you smash her back doors in?” said the voice on the other end of the call.
“Ha, something like that. Man . . . I don’t remember a thing from last night, but I do remember making coffee for a hot brunette this morning” Matt said laughing
“Fuck dude!! You started talking to her in The Vaults last night, she was smoking hot. How did you manage that? All I got was some chips, went home and had a posh wank, ha!” the voice replied.
“Jack!! Some things you need to keep to yourself mate” Matt laughed
“You love it you dirty boy!” Jack replied laughing.
“Right, why are you ringing me this early in the morning fucknut?” Matt asked.
“No real reason, just wanted to know if you got laid. It’s about time, I was starting to think you only used your cock to piss and to add a little padding to your underwear” jack said laughing.
“Fuck off, good things come to those who wait!!”
“What like death?” Jack relied.
“Ha, something like that. Anyway, I’ll speak to you later”
“Love you” jack said laughing.


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