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January 13, 2013

Scrap Yard

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He paced through the scrap yard, once beautiful and blossoming but now dark and derelict.  The sun rays choked by the rising dust and fog of past laughter, Leaving foot prints in the damaged and discarded only to be blown away like that of their plans. As far as the eye can see the wreckage surrounded their peak summit, wiping the dust from his eyes he tried to forget the restricting ties around his tongue. Speechless, strong, yet still alone. Struggling to see ten feet in front yet his past is as clear as ever, turning around would mean giving up, surely? Without words he told himself that this is the right thing to do, she isn’t here to reassure. She isn’t here to see the wolves at his heels, the world he once knew picked apart by insecurities. Once a picture but now fallen from the frame, dizzy like a flame dancing in the breeze.  The burning urge to take the weight from his feet was overruled by pride, fear of being on his knees whilst his hands gripped the ash from the floor. He can see it, feel it, taste it but won’t bring himself to that level. Battered and bruised by the elements of his stubbornness, taking weight on his shoulder like an unnecessary punishment. He could talk and confide but loose lips sink ships, he was already sinking. The pain and anger was his spirit to push on, to rebuild the foundations and work up. The further he walked through the scrap yard the less his feet dragged, the ash and dust seemed to clear and he could feel the sun rays on his face. Day by day he told himself.                


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