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June 12, 2012

Love Cage

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Feeling the presence of another can soon be taken advantage of, forever forgiven for the mistakes one makes can be a fool’s idea. Unconditional love flows only with blood and all others can be tested. The chain links that wear with the tide as well as the unpredictable and heavy waves of emotion that hit the walls of protection. Worn and used these walls around the enclosed hearts start to crumble and fall to uncover the raw and tender existence to the elements. Both a force to be reckoned with until the force turns on itself, best of allies but worst of enemies. Love is a strong word that binds the hearts to beat in unison, like two love birds that will still sing no matter the size of their cage. The songs will only turn to sorrow if one is taken or leaves, left is the uncomfortable silence of loss. It takes a moment to lose what you have but can sometimes take an existence to find what you want, most the time they are two in the same but you’ll only learn this when it’s too late. It’s not about what you haven’t got it’s about spending twice as much time appreciating what’s next to you . . . that’s love, passing the time, second thoughts, hiding the truth isn’t love. Everyone has their secrets but love is about cracking the spine to read you like a book, they may never get to the unwritten chapters but if they care they’ll try.


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