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March 12, 2012

Something I’m working on . . . let me know what you think . . .

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Receiving the thud of realisation to the chest should be a life changing moment, lying in a strange bed with two naked women is never a good time for a life changing moment unless it’s your first threesome. Now that shit will change your life.

Staring up at a ceiling that wasn’t his with a thought about his girlfriend, she didn’t know where he was right now, she never knew because she trusted him. A trust that’s wasted and never mentioned. He missed her, for the first time in months he missed her.

     “I need to get out of here” he said whilst pulling the sheets from his body which in turn uncovered the two women.

 Last night he couldn’t wait to see the pair of them in their pure beauty but this morning it just pulled his cheating ways to the surface.

     “Where you going?” said the blonde one,

He couldn’t remember their names which made him feel a little worse and that was a foreign feeling but in his mind he had named them the blonde one and the brunette one, that will have to do for now. All he remembered was that he met them at a hen party and later realised that the party was for one of the women he went home with but again which one of them he couldn’t say. Picking up a woman on her hen night would be something only heard in stories and rumours from men in bars, he knew he felt proud of his conquest but deep down he had this burning feeling which he believed to be guilt. Having never felt guilty before he was quite unsure what to do with it and hoped it would pass before long.

     “I’ve got to go, I need to get home”

     “Are you ok?” the blonde one muttered with slight concern in her voice,

     “You’re not going to tell anyone about last night are you?” stirred the brunette one.

     “No, I just need my own bed” he replied.

It had now become obvious that it was the brunettes’ hen party the evening before. He got up and noticed he was on a mattress on the floor in a living room, there was nothing obvious to which woman the living room belonged. No pictures of people on the bland magnolia walls, no sign of other life in the close quarters that he found himself in. Stumbling from the living room straight into the kitchen to find his cigarettes on the work surface, sliding one out of the packet and between his lips he planned an escape route. He stood by the French doors in this unknown kitchen in his boxers, the beautiful morning sun shining through the window at his feet. Confused by this sudden overwhelming guilt and not quite sure what to do next he fumbled between empty beer bottles and cigarette packets for a lighter on the work surface. The only two things he knew for sure right now where that he had just had a threesome with a woman who’s on the path to marriage and also that he needed to see his girlfriend.


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