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March 5, 2012

There was a girl

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Well there was always a girl but this one was different. She wasn’t different in the way of the outcome because he still managed to fuck it up; this one was different because over the years he never seemed to forget her.  He remembered the good to bad times, things that he loved to the things he felt he put up with. The way he felt now made him realise that putting up with certain things can be a delight compared to going without everything. To sit and reminisce on the good times that were shared were always tarnished with the stronger images of her angry features or her emotional breakdowns due to his lack of enthusiasm. All the memories of laughter and enjoyment swallowed up by the everlasting broken record of anger and disappointment. The way she shook with anger started to out play the way she shook when she came; the smiles became lost behind the tears. He knew that this girl would have done anything for him, anything for that moment of happiness to be shared between them. He looked at it now as a role reverse from the original performance, she was the strength that gave him life not the being that drained it. His selfish decisions now seem to haunt his childlike ego, the ego that once stood tall and strong now shivers in the cold of shadows. He wears his pride like a pair of handcuffs, the word ‘sorry’ may be close to his lips but it’s by far closer to the truth. He will hold his head up high, smile on demand but behind those eyes he will always remember that there was a girl.


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