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December 13, 2011

This is me . . . . . .

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If I were to say I was lost that wouldn’t be the whole truth, only because I don’t really know where I’m heading. The only things I do know are how I feel at the time you ask me. I have no shame to admit I wear my heart on my sleeve but the cuff is becoming worn from where I chew from nerves. I find quality in most people I know, if I didn’t then I would have probably already forgotten your name. I’m an entertainer but I’m quiet to start while I suss you out, I’ll give you creases down your spine while I read you, watch you and understand you. I’ll listen to you, take what you have to say in and process it in the way I must. I have a weakness in strength which will always be my hold up; I’m a sucker for the story of a broken wing in this life. If I can help you I will be at the front of the queue, I’ll hold the map and point for your satisfaction. I’m patient but I have my odd days where you are just not quick enough for me. I am successful, powerful and creative but I’m floating around in a world where that isn’t needed. I have great taste in women but sometimes they leave a bitter taste on my tongue, I can love you for ten minutes or ten years. I’m a work horse that’s looking for more weight on my shoulders, I’ll do it for me, you, them but they will never appreciate only dictate. I communicate, delegate, I try not to be early when I fornicate. I don’t smile a lot, not because I’m unhappy but because that’s how my face is. I laugh, cry, sulk, cheer and enjoy you in every way that I can. I am only human but I will always expect more from myself because that’s up to me, I expect the worst but enjoy the best. This is me . . . . . .


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