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November 27, 2011

Personal Battles

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Maybe I should learn to live and forget, maybe close my eyes and clear the regret. Playing my part whilst roaming this moving circumference, pull all the good things together and make my move. Up and down like a chipped piston, I can move, I can dodge but I’m still looking for that final blow. Eyes open and alert for that one moment, it’s what I’m waiting for. I know something is out there, when it shows its existence it’s up to me to grab it by the collar and shake or run knowing I’ll never return.  There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, sitting in a silent cell and I can still hear my own insecurities. I’m scared of the truth, tired of the lies and my own deceiving thoughts, in the end it will be ok . . . That’s what they all say. As the penny drops my ears bleed, I believe but will never comprehend. I need a tourniquet as I thrash and break, I need this silent cell so I can mend. The sun will rise and warm my tears to bring a new outlook to the horizon, it doesn’t matter how far I run I will never be able to touch it. Knowing me I won’t give up easily.


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