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November 21, 2011


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She being a supreme example of natural beauty but just doesn’t see it which unfortunately is a common occurrence in this day, an English rose eaten away by its own existence. I’m not talking about this materialistic beauty that seems to be seen on every high street but the beauty that holds the torch behind the eyes. No one can take away the beauty you’re born with that’s etched into every angle of your creation. She being a picture of fine taste and a modern-day catch without having to use the word fake in any explanation, modern beauty shouldn’t mean being armed with your best friends make up bag and having dashes of orange stains between the fingers from fake tanning. The characters in the limelight this day and age paint this fake existence and belief of how a woman should look, how orange skin and short skirts now seem to be gospel. She being the face that’s seen every day whether first thing in the morning or walking through the door at work, the face that isn’t hidden behind a camouflage of everyday war paint. I’m sure you realise that the more make up you put on you start to look like someone else, that’s probably the idea but spare a moment for your boyfriend/husband because he’s probably not going to recognise you in the street soon. She being the character of passion, the character of existence. She being the one we love because she loves herself, not laced with arrogance but confidence. We love you for who you are not who you could be.


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