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October 11, 2011

My English Rose

Filed under: Just a Thought — mitchellsmustard @ 11:44 am

Oh how you scare me my English rose, to start off you were
just like one of the others but with time you stood out from the crowd. With
such small beautiful hands you were able to part my ribs and hold my heart,
crack it open like a walnut to open me to the elements so you see my true
existence. Without me realising you turned everything I know upside down, it
wasn’t until you said goodbye that it all fell back down to the concrete and
shattered into reality, broken pieces where seconds feel like hours. My respect
for you was paramount because you truly believe in the pursuit to happiness, a
higher power there to guide you.  The
dream wasn’t to be the prize at the end of the journey but to be the journey
itself. Always trying to be the old romantic in this day and age and wanting to
hold a hand over rocky ground and a cape over puddles. I guess this is all a
learning curve for the bigger picture, an understanding of what holds the true
power in this life. Slowly getting used to everyone throwing their advice into
the pot from all angles, all negative but you all only do it for my own
protection. There are always a couple of things that you can guarantee,
tomorrow will always be a new day, we don’t make love . . . love makes us and
to say goodbye will always be harder than to say I love you.


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