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August 27, 2011

Bang Clang

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Bang clang, bang clang goes my metal heart. The rust of
yesterday’s lonely mirage seems to melt away in truth, the truth that is the
female form under my summer sheet. Laid there entwined like a couple of
spiral straws, keeping eyelids sealed as long as the day lets me, that
moment is my understanding of bliss. The creeping itch that has descended to my
ankle has been ignored for now, one slight movement and bliss has been known to
evaporate. The warmth of breath on my neck reminds me of the heart-shaped
finger smudge on my bathroom mirror, the same breath that set the canvas for
that sign of affection. Taking the moment to lose all motivation and belief
that on the other side of the door there is a job, bank account, an existence that
needs to be fulfilled by my presence. I don’t want to open my eyes, that’s when
the day starts, which in turn means moving from this cocoon of warmth. Once they’re
open, the mental timer kicks into play, counting down to the moment of
detachment. My metal heart gently beats against her hand that’s placed on my
chest, the hand that holds me in place and cradles my essence. With a sudden
stir of her hand, my eyes burst alive to be greeted in vain by sun light
through the crack in the blind, the eyes are the gate way to reality. The bliss
evaporates in a split second and the internal diary eagerly flicks through its
pages. That itch needs to be scratched. Job, bank account and existence need to
be filled. Without these things I couldn’t experience what life is truly about,
the feeling of bliss I get every morning with her just before I open my eyes.


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  1. You’re right about this x Dulcie

    Comment by Dulcie — March 20, 2013 @ 2:12 am

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