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March 12, 2011

Head or Heart?

Filed under: Just a Thought — mitchellsmustard @ 9:23 pm

I may have had a drink, yes . . I might be writing some shit, maybe . . . But here goes.
We all live with a broken heart everyday, it never repairs from youth. Scaffolding and plasters that keep the body flowing in and out of these old battered romantic situations. Soldiers of the chest that just never give up like the mind does, every beat for every second that we love, live and survive. It’s the one thing that will never give up, your mind may have surrendered to the loneliness but your heart will march on with hope. It’s a believer in a better day, the greener grass and the one true moment that lasts for as long as it can. Re build, re energise, re align your thoughts and feelings. It beats for only one other, perfect harmony as the chests touch. Beat in and out like synchronised living from that day forth, you will never be sure but it will know. Many signs but your mind causes you to be blinded by what else is going on, do you follow your head or your heart?? With time you start to lose your memory and other functions that your mind controls but your heart just keeps beating for that moment it’s looking for. If it were a battle then I’d be in the hearts corner, true belief opens up a life time of happiness.


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