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February 22, 2011

It’s been years

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I see this couple most mornings and you can tell they have been together for a while, there is no effort made. They sit next to each other for about an hour looking in different directions, no communication, laughter, love, they just wait for the ride home or work to end. On the odd occasion she may turn and look at him for maybe a minute and he’ll know but he’ll ignore it and you can see her thinking, whether it be an adoring look of love or a ‘what am I doing’ look. . . . Only she will know. I’m sure there was a time where he couldn’t wait to get her clothes off, a time where he was nervous about meeting her because he might fuck things up. I’m sure she used to tell all her friends about him and think she was the luckiest girl alive. A few years down the line and they have a routine and hate their lives, no more laughter, fun or spontaneous enjoyment. Why do people let the dull routine in to their relationships? Why do women stop being concerned about how they look? Why do men stop trying everything to get this women into bed? Why do people let their relationships slip over time? You not love him anymore? You not find her attractive anymore?
It’s funny how a little effort really does go a long way, make her feel wanted with a compliment, flowers or even just dinner and lady . . . . Make sure you put out!!


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