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December 1, 2010

The Eagle Tavern

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Rustic is the word that springs to mind as I sit here in the warm, my savour from the bitter cold around my neck outside. The inside of this room pebble dashed with vintage pictures against a backing of brick and wood, all look lifeless and cold yet doing a great job of keeping the chill from my feet. A Lonely old man sitting in the corner playing with their new gadget phone but we all know he will never get the hang of it and it will be collecting dusk somewhere before long. Eccentric gentlemen discussing their life politics with the occasional ‘fuck’ or ‘bugger’ thrown in for good measure as long as they get their point across. A couple of young tourists nervously perched on stools speaking in a slight whisper of their home town tongue patiently waiting for something to happen or a big flashing arrow to fall from the ceiling explaining that following this direction is the best thing to do. These people are all just sitting in this temptation palace of alcoholic self destruct waiting for something, someone or maybe just anything but i know why I’m here. The stained sea of red carpet that seeps into every corner and crack starts to roll around my feet to keep me from moving, this local tavern full of the kind of people you would never put in the same room starts to feel a little bearable. If it wasn’t for you and the fact that these four walls are keeping me from the freezing conditions outside I would never have walked through those doors but I’m glad I did because . . . . There you are.


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