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November 11, 2010

Because of us!

Filed under: Just a Thought — mitchellsmustard @ 10:08 pm

When did ruining the world we live in become acceptable to us? Why is it we only try to reverse what we’ve done when it’s too late? Are we all like toddlers that need to bash their head a couple of times on the side of the coffee table before we learn? We pollute, litter, destroy and pull apart all the beauty of this world we live in and the funny thing is it’s ours and we treat it like shit. People are too wrapped up in greed of paper to realise the true wealth that we see every day, we seem to only notice what we have once it’s taken away from us and guess what . . . . It’s not something that will be returned once we behave; once it’s gone it’s gone. Things are burning out, loosing life, washing away and being removed. Because of us in years to come some of the things we disregard now will only be seen in books, memories and told in stories to later generations. Each year that passes we see more grey and loose more green, a concrete maze of greed, money and shadows of the next bigger building. When was the last time you walked through a field by a river? Walked through a forest? Had a picnic in a park? Do it as much as you can now because eventually we are going to take it away from ourselves and then we’ll miss it!!


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