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November 1, 2010

Preview of my book!

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Read with caution as it includes explicit sexual material!!

I have removed some words but im sure your imagination will fill in the blanks!!

Chapter 1

Pink floral wall paper, the smell of a strange perfume, a brass high framed bed and clean sheets are only a few of the things Hank didn’t recognise when he opened his eyes. A cloud of absinthe between his ears and yet again another strange woman by his side. He lay there for a couple of moments trying to remember what his last night’s accomplishment looked like, there was the chance that if he moved he might wake her and that’s the last thing he wants because if he doesn’t remember what she looks like he’s never going to remember her name. They say you should learn from your mistakes and Hank remembers how awkward it can be to wake up and not remember the name of the women beside you.

She had her back turned towards him so slowly lifting the sheets he had a look to see what her body was like. With a small sigh of relief she was thin and quite tanned and had those little dimples in her lower back that always made Hank sit up and concentrate. Her arse was a little bigger than acceptable but he would let her off for that because remembering last night as he brushed his **** against her **** hole she pushed back, this girl loved anal sex and even though she lost points because her arse was big she gained them again for loving **** in her ****. All these memories came flashing back, laying on his back as she licked his **** and played with his **** and then moving and using his index finger to rub her **** whilst ******* her on all fours at the end of the bed, even though he remembered this he still couldn’t remember what she looked like.

There is an art to getting out of bed and retrieving your clothes from different corners of the room without making a sound and Hank had done this so many times he could teach a class on it, slowly sliding out of the sheets he gazed across the room to look for his belongings. After a minute he had his boxers, jeans and socks on but couldn’t find his tee-shirt. He had looked in the bed, on the floor, on and behind the dresser, on the chair in the corner of the room. Last place to look was under the bed, as he lowered himself down to take a look he heard her move. There was his favourite ‘Ramones’ tee shirt and quickly grabbing it he stood up and noticed she was awake and looking at him.

“Morning you” Hank said

“Morning Colin” she said trying to sound sexy

Colin was the name Hank used when he was out on the pull; two rules he stuck by were never use your real name and never go back to your own place. Mainly because he never wanted any conquest turning up on his door step shouting his name.

“Where you off too” she said

“To use your bathroom if that’s ok?” Hank replied

“It’s on the landing to the right; don’t be too long as I want a fuck you again before I have to go to work”

She’s a dirty one Hank thought but it didn’t matter how much he thought of those dimples in her back she still had an ugly face. She was what’s known as a butter face in Hank’s mind, you’d fuck everything about her but her face. A soon as the door was closed the tee-shirt was on and Hank was down the stairs and out the front door in a matter of seconds, tapping his pockets making sure he had his keys, wallet, cigarettes and lighter because there was no way he was going back to get something. As much as a morning fuck would have been nice after seeing her face he knew there would be no way he was going to cum. Pulling a cigarette out of his packet and shielding the flame from his lighter he slowly started to walk down the road, he didn’t recognise the area but trying to pull back memories of what her tits were like occupied his mind because he was sure he’d find a taxi before long.


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