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August 30, 2010

Romance Is Dead

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Whatever happened to a bit of romance before finding yourself between thighs?

I was having a drink in a bar the other week and I had a young women come up to me while I was waiting to get served, she wrapped herself around my arm and said “so . . . you going to buy me a drink?” I looked at her, she was pretty but I could tell she was young, I replied “how old are you?” She looked a little taken back and said “I’m 19 but I’m old for my age” at that exact moment the thrill of this conversation hit the floor. Once I had told her I wasn’t going to buy her a drink for that very reason she decided to say “But . . . I’ve got tits and a great arse!” Now perhaps I’m old fashioned or perhaps I passed up on a great experience but whatever happened to getting to know someone? I know a lot of my mates wouldn’t have waited for the receipt before they had grabbed their coats and headed for the bed posts but I’d like a little effort to be made, no chase and straight for the kill is not my game but this seems to be the way the battling sexes throw down now. When did we lose the amazing part of socializing and liking someone before fucking? In my eyes there is nothing more attractive than humour in a women, if she can make me laugh then she has my attention till the sun comes up but this doesn’t seem to count in this modern pick up day. 10 years ago it was about having substance, knowing that one false move could turn your night into a lonely night but now it seems to be all about the lazy drive-thru fuck. What’s next . . . no foreplay??

Romance is dead, make way for fucking with no substance!!


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