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August 11, 2010

Silent House Party

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Walking up a garden path towards what can only be described as an un-kept wooden out house with a mind filled with promises of hearing something that will be on many future iPod playlists, not knowing what to expect as I go from the day light into a confined dark room filled with musical instruments, poster plastered walls and the grins of Jack Randall and Jamie Farrington. These two Cambridgeshire based lads have formed a band named Silent House Party, self-described as an Indie/hip hop/electric ear-gasm.  Having just pulled together their first self titled EP and hearing the band name echo from pillar to post after some local radio play I came to see what all the talk was about. Their garden based studio is over crowded with empty beer cans, over flowing ash trays and scribbled lyrics on paper left right and centre. Taking a seat on an old red sofa in the centre of the room left me looking up at the two members of Silent House Party sitting at a desk covered with computer screens, a huge keyboard, speakers, a laptop and even more beer cans. From talking to them you can see that Jack is the mastermind behind the music, he has a calm and confident way about him which was quite intimidating at first but that feeling slowly slips away after spending time with him and seeing his enthusiasm for his music. Jamie is the lyrical wizard and you can see why when you first meet him, he has this bubbling fidgety personality which straight away makes you feel comfortable but you can’t help but think ‘is he always like this or is he on something?’ Being both from different musical backgrounds it is quite surprising how well these two mesh together and watching them work you can almost see the ideas bouncing off the walls. After turning down a beer and a cigarette we decided to get down to business, I didn’t know what to expect sitting in this shed with these two lads but what it ended up being was a lot bigger than I ever imagined. After a couple of minutes of Jack playing around on his laptop and Jamie fidgeting one of their tracks started and they both span round and stared at me, Intimidating wasn’t the word but I soon forgot about their stares and found myself immersed in what I was hearing. With a mixture of beer can rattling bass, foot tapping melody and the sound of Jamie spitting his thoughts into a microphone I was hooked, blending dance and indie together with a topping of lyrical hip hop and Silent House Party were taking flight. Before long the EP had ended and I had to hear it again, the second time was as equally as enjoyable as the first and I had become a fan. These lads have certainly found something good and from talking to them you can tell they are going to grab the country by the collar and make them listen. If you haven’t heard of them yet you will soon.


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