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July 24, 2010


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You sit there and look at your life and think could this possibly be all there is? I’ve done this many of times and it goes hand in hand with a frown, waiting for something to happen to make you realise that you are still alive and young. I once read somewhere that ‘dreams are a size too big so we can grow into them’ and this is so true, rather than sitting and waiting we should be going out and growing into what we want to be. Options are given to us every day and we will always make bad decisions as well as good decisions but puzzles keep us guessing and that’s what makes life ours. Every bad decision we make teaches us a lesson and every time we fall on our arse we’re still not out of decisions to make, our options are ours and we either learn or we grow but either way we move forward.  Bad decisions are what make life real, I’ve got scars, I’ve shed tears, I’ve lost things I’ve cherished but I know that I’ve learnt a lot and that one of the decisions I make today, tomorrow or next week will make me happy and that’s all I ask for. I’m not saying that one decision will make the puzzle complete but who are we if we don’t try? There is always an option, a choice, a way forward so whether it’s a breeze or its gritted teeth and white knuckles what’s the point of owning a puzzle if you don’t try and complete it and move in the right direction?


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