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July 1, 2010


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It’s amazing how as you get older your morals become a lot clearer and more important to you, why is this?

Do you think it’s because you grow up and learn to care more about others feelings?

Do you think it’s because we have had so many years of people drilling what’s right and what’s wrong into our heads?

 I think you only believe in morals if you have been in a situation where you have hurt someone emotionally, you see what you have done over time and realise that you would never want that to happen to you. I think sometimes you must have done bad things to truly understand what’s right and wrong for yourself and not what it is right and wrong through others eyes. If you have ever truly hurt someone then you will know what I mean, what you did to them would you want done back to you?  

Recently I’ve noticed a change in my morals, before I jump into a situation I have to realise how this will affect the people around me. I’m not saying that before I make any decision I check it’s ok with everyone as that would mean I’d be living for everyone else rather than myself, what I’m saying is sometimes it’s good to think about how your decision will affect others.  

It could be as simple as a small lie up to cheating on your partner, situations like this have knock on effects. Before I do something now that I know will affect others I wonder how I’d feel if that person did it to me.

Live your life, love your life but appreciate that there are other people in your life, treat people the way you would like to be treated.


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