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June 7, 2010

Who is the rudest of them all?

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If you listen to the news or read the newspapers then you have an idea of who people believe to have the worst manners, all the fingers will be pointed to the youth of today.  Most the time they are probably correct with their beliefs because yes some of the youth can be right arseholes, have you noticed that old people are never mentioned and if you think about it old people are as equally rude if not worse.

Perhaps it’s because their expectations are higher than ours, I’ll hold a door open for an old lady and she won’t thank me because she expects me to do it. If I don’t hold the door then I’m rude but if she doesn’t thank me doesn’t that make her rude?  It sounds like such a small issue but it really does get on my nerves, because I’m young then I’m automatically expected to be rude and have no manners. The amount of times I’ve queued in a supermarket and had an old lady so close behind me that she is nearly in my shoes, wedging her basket in my back. I even had an old lady rest her wet umbrella on my back in a queue, you could say she didn’t realise but I moved 3 times and she just kept doing it. It’s not because she didn’t realise it’s because she just doesn’t care.  How many times have you come across an old couple talking in a door way of a shop? It’s not so much that they are in the way and could think of somewhere better to stop . . . It’s the look they give you when you say “excuse me” and try and squeeze past them, I’m rude because I can’t wait.

I know everyone has had lovely grandparents at some time and I feel bad for moaning about them but the truth of the matter is . . . . Old people are equally as rude as the young!!


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