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May 24, 2010


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You know those moments that stop you in your tracks, you stand still, on the spot. Everything just stops just for that split second, all you can hear is your own breathe inside your head, the eerie intake of oxygen.  Your eyes can’t register the path in front of you; your vision is a slight blur, fragments of the image that held your attention just a second before start to break. The buzzing that rattles between your temples seems like it will never stop, so irritating it feels like the buzzing has been there for hours. Your body ripples like it’s taken an invisible bullet, the feeling of roaring pain through your chest lets you know that it hit its target . . . . . the heart.

The slowest adrenaline rush known to man, a cocktail of emotions battering the nervous system that stops you from doing pretty much everything. You stand there in a daze, is it just your eyes or is your whole body swaying. Everything seems to be louder or is it just the loud things that register, you struggle to swallow and find the words that need to be said. A spluttered “sorry” falls from your numb lips, not knowing if that one word will take the pain away or even why it was said.

It feels like an eternity has just passed but all this can happen in a split second, these are the moments that make us or break us.     



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