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May 24, 2010

Empty Shell

Filed under: Just a Thought — mitchellsmustard @ 5:13 pm

The greatest thing about love is it will always conquer everything, it can be the best thing in your life if found or the worst thing if lost.

The love will make you happier than all the money in the world, the fastest car, the oldest wine, the biggest house. It will caress you and hold you, make you smile. Every day the love makes millions of people realise why they are alive, those little things that make it all seem worthwhile. The love is the biggest protection from the world outside, the love cures a bad day in the office, the love cures a sleepless night and the love cures an argument. The love is the biggest part of us and we couldn’t live without it.

The only thing the love can’t protect you from is the love itself. You can take everything away from us; strip us down to our bare bodies and leave us with nothing we will still fight for the love, take the love away and we having nothing to fight for. You take away the love you lose the life worth living, everything we do, stand for, believe in and follow has the love as its backbone.

Life without the love will always be a darker shade of grey, if there is no love then what are we fighting for? Life would be like a game of hide and seek and while you’re counting there is no one to hide. The moment you lose a loved one it will scar, an internal wound. You may never see a love scar but you will always feel them but . . . They do heal.

The love is the greatest cure but the biggest weapon; the love will defeat any war, illness, strike, but the love can’t defeat the pain of loss. It can only teach us it can’t take that step for us. If you lose love then it can be rebuilt, take love away altogether then what do you have??  Only an empty shell…


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